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Moe The Toe - Never My Dream  $30.00
For orders of 2 books or more, please contact us Constable Davey - A Future Lost I had been given a mandate by Chief Parkinson to come up with some local police history. I stumbled across the story of Constable Davey's murder. Curiosity and an emotional connection, I began searching for a picture of John Robert Davey, early on it was obvious, it was not going to be easy.  The family that I did find provided clues and neat little stories passed on through generations.  JRD's son, Patrick Francis, was born just 6 days before his father was killed, as such Patrick Francis became my inspiration, to find out what happened to this little boy who grew up without a father. My research was continent wide and I believe I found my answer. Buy the book at: A Future Lost is SOLD OUT - If you want a copy - please get in touch - I can get one printed for you. last but not least… thanks to Cornwall City Council 2011 for seeing the merit in preserving our history, Canadian National Police Officers Memorial for their due diligence in accepting my research and doing the right thing, John Gault, Bugler Shaun Steele for wonderful renditions of the Last Post and Roust. RSM Grant Pyle. One last word. After writing and proofreading numerous times I thought to myself, ‘I wonder who I missed?’ Someone will pick up this book and say to themselves, ‘He never called us - we have so much we could have offered if only he had got in touch.’ This story is still a work in progress, and although I tried to cover all the bases I was bound to miss someone, or something. If you have further information that I missed, please get in touch —because this story will continue to evolve.